Hyper secure backup across hybrid and multi-cloud

Leonovus offers Commvault customers entertaining a multi-cloud infrastructure unique and strategic capabilities. With Leonovus, Commvault customers can securely distribute data across multiple clouds without the requirement of multiple separated Cloud Storage Library configurations for each cloud service. Leonovus becomes an enterprise controlled single gateway methodology which pools subscribed cloud storage services into one highly secure data plane.

Leonovus and Commvault advantages

  • Provides simple configuration to leverage multiple cloud providers
  • Allows cloud providers to be added or removed without reconfiguring the Cloud Storage Library
  • Centralized Cloud storage view across all Cloud vendors
  • Files are encrypted and “shredded” in transit and at rest. These encrypted file fragments are then spread amongst the subscribed multi-cloud and internal storage services.
  • Military-grade data encryption
  • Extension of governance and compliance controls to data assets across hybrid and multiple clouds
  • The flexibility of data movement and removal of vendor lock-in by any one cloud provider
  • Cost optimization by leveraging existing idle resources as well as subscribed cloud services
  • Ability to aggregate the idle enterprise storage assets allowing petabytes of unused or underutilized storage to now to be used for other IT-sanctioned services
  • Enhanced security, data durability and disaster recovery capabilities made possible by unique data dispersion across the entire subscribed infrastructure

Leonovus integration with Commvault



Leonovus sits between Commvault and multiple heterogeneous storage endpoints. It ensures consolidated access to the storage resources provided by multiple cloud storage vendors by exposing a single Amazon S3 interface which can be configured as a Cloud Storage Library in Commvault software.

The Leonovus solution

Leonovus applies a patented approach to provide secure object-based data storage management with added security and auditability that enables governance, risk management, and compliance. The solution has the flexibility to scale to address increasing data requirements.

Key features

• Establishes a secure data plane that decouples enterprise data from corporate infrastructure

• Applies military-grade encryption to data while in transit and at rest

• Exposes industry-standard RESTful Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier interfaces as a front end to multiple heterogeneous storage endpoints

• Extends cost-effective storage to all users, leveraging corporate and personal storage accounts and devices

• Introduces data durability using patented modified Reed-Solomon erasure coding of data stored

• Provides ubiquitous access to and control of data deployed across mixed on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, leading to consistent and cost-effective data governance

• Ensures business continuity with the self-healing capabilities at the core of Leonovus

• Addresses compliance concerns by leveraging blockchain technology to provide an immutable log of all access to backup files

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