News Release

What are the Leonovus protocols/mechanisms for data and service protection?

April 04th, 2016

Whether the customer is utilizing the Leonovus Enterprise Cloud Services of the Vault Cube for data storage or one of the Leonovus Cloud-Computing-at-the-Edges solutions, they can be confident that their data and services are secure. The Leonovus Cloud Services make use of the following protocols, mechanisms and techniques for data and service protection:

  • Protocols: HTTPS, SSL, TLS, X.509
  • Cryptography: AES 128/256, MD-5, SHA-1, SHA-2
  • Techniques: RAID 6, Replication, Duplication, Distribution, Obfuscation, Entropy

While these are all publicly available solutions to security, the proprietary combination of these individual solutions by Leonovus produces a set of Cloud Services that are more secure and robust than those exhibited by Internet banking or many military grade solutions today. Indeed, when coupled with the elements which reside within traditional data centers, the Leonovus solution could be interpreted as being beyond that of a Tier 3 or Tier 4 traditional data center. As such the Leonovus distributed cloud solution is a cost effective, best-in-class solution for your cloud-based data storage and computing services needs.