News Release

Leonovus software defined object storage – deployment at a glance

November 10th, 2016

  • Description – Software defined object storage solution.
  • Managed Storage Capacity – Terabytes to Exabytes and beyond.
  • Number of Users – Unlimited
  • Supported Storage Vendors – Runs on any industry standard server hardware.
  • Storage Network Topology – On-premises, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud.
  • Cloud Standards – Amazon, Oracle, OpenStack plus Custom.
  • Agility and Interoperability – Hardware and operating system agnostic.
  • Evergreen – Legacy storage hardware and operating systems fully supported.
  • Data Recovery – Touchless auto-recovery from lost data or damaged drives.
  • Security – Multilayer encryption with transparent recovery from bit decay
  • Storage Management – Dynamic allocation and auto archiving to storage nodes.
  • Erasure Coding – User controlled storage configuration and data recovery probabilities.
  • Data Management Systems – Seamlessly connect to Commvault, Cloudberry and many more
    via standard API’s.
  • Speed – Archival storage access at nearline speeds. Nearline storage access at realtime speeds.
  • Business Continuity – Fastest recovery with higher probability of successful data reconstitution.
  • Standards – Open standards based for both hardware and software including Amazon Glacier, S3, HTTPS, Swift and others