Optimized Video Storage for Law Enforcement

The most secure and reliable video data storage solution for law enforcement

Optimized video storage challenges 

As law enforcement agencies collect more and more video, many are asking:

• How can we make it quick and easy for patrol officers to save and retrieve video data?

• How can we make video data available to all the authorized users who need to view it?

• How can we keep our data storage costs down?

• How can we ensure video data has not been tampered with?

• How can we assure the courts we have a complete chain of evidence for the full life cycle of the video content?

Law enforcement video storage solution

Leonovus 3.0: Ultra-secure, decentralized, blockchain hardened software-defined object storage

The more video you capture, the more you have to store

In-car video support has driven up costs for many law enforcement agencies — especially when it comes to data storage. The common wisdom is that storage must be on-premises to be secure, increasing both capital and operational expenses. Yet in reality, on-premises storage does not meet most organizations’ combined requirements for data protection, collaboration, backup, compliance, and chain of evidence.

Optimized body camera video storage for law enforcement 

Leonovus 3.0 can handle more than just video evidence from body cameras or patrol cars. It can also pull video from closed-circuit systems monitoring ATMs and street traffic and store text and call records, social media content and other electronic records, making it simple to store all pertinent case data in a single digital repository.

Lifecycle data management for law enforcement

As soon as a video is downloaded, the data is cataloged immediately and digitally signed, becoming an immutable, fixed entity and creating an unbreakable chain of evidence that can be reported on and audited. The stored video is accessible only by authenticated and authorized users. These may be internal or external, including investigators, legal clerks, defense attorneys, prosecutors and social workers. All video can be archived and stored according to applicable statutes. Leonovus 3’s unique architecture decouples data from infrastructure for enhanced security and flexible data movement. At the same time, it ensures your IT teams retain control of your data across the entire data plane. Our patented technology gives law enforcement agencies the ability to achieve their business goals while improving ROI by reducing capital costs and enabling secure use of less expensive alternatives to on-premises storage.

Keeping data Secure - File chart

Military-grade security for data in transit and in storage

• Security from upload to archiving, thanks to digitally signed content, multi-tier encryption, segmentation and distribution

• Bank-grade governance and controls, with all content, tracked and monitored using forensic capabilities and audit trails

• Secure, compliant use of idle storage assets across the organization

• Full lifecycle data protection

• Financial savings and ROI improvements from using hosted and/or cloud storage services

• Easy integration with existing applications and devices so authenticated users don’t have to change how they access their conten

How it works

Leonovus 3.0 supports on-premises, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud data storage, with all architectures meeting the security and compliance requirements of law enforcement. This lets you securely use existing and low-cost resources for unstructured data With Leonovus 3.0, you can:

• Easily identify and quantify idle storage assets across the organization to optimize usage and reduce costs

• Add commodity storage hardware to your current internal storage infrastructure

• Create a secure, virtualized storage cloud by aggregating the storage available at each detachment

• Use multiple concurrent public cloud providers (AWS/Azure/Oracle/Google/Microsoft), fully secured with Leonovus technology

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