Heating Up the Cold Data Challenge

About Us

The world is filling with more and more data growing at an amazing and unfathomable rate.  This year we are expected to hit 2 zettabytes (1027 bytes or 2,000 exabytes) of traffic generated on the internet per year (according to CISCO). That is more bytes of data than there are mapped stars in the sky. And while these are traffic numbers, much of this data eventually comes to rest, meaning it gets stored somewhere.  And on average 90% of the world's data has been generated in the preceding 18 months.   Between, Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Social Media these numbers continue to grow and grow.  Most of this data is unstructured, typically in the form of files and objects.

The average annual growth rate of unstructured data is 20+%, with up to 55% of this data being generated automatically by machines.  With all of this data being generated, ultimately it is humans that are the slow link in the chain.  AI and ML can certainly take advantage of this sea of data; giving us yet another great reason to keep the data around.  But in the end even AI/ML is tasked to serve human purposes. Whether the data is processed automatically or manually, since our rate of consumption is far below what is currently generated, more and more of our data begins to chill.  For most of us, corporate world included, greater than 80% of our data has not be touched in over 90 days.  And it is likely at most 5% of that data ever will be touched or recalled.  

This growing backlog of data presents us with two problems:  knowing what data will need to be remembered and restored(i.e. knowing what data to keep) and finding a place to keep it.  Every connected corporation in the world is faced with this dilemma.  Leonovus has chosen to dedicate our resources to building a solution to this increasingly urgent challenge.

At Leonovus we recognize most IT organizations are under-resourced, over-burdened and operating within ever-tightening budget constraints.  Therefore, to be meaningful and useful the solution has to be easy to deploy and operate.  Just as important, user impact is key;  the successful answer to the problem has to  embrace users and applications as they are, requiring no noticeable changes to their environment and behaviors. The Leonovus Smart Filer was developed keeping these compulsory requirements of simplicity and transparency top-of-mind.   Smart Filer, the latest product in the Leonovus suite, directly addresses both problems raised by the ever-growing backlog of unstructured data.  With it you can regain control, understanding what data you have and gaining a cost effective way of storing it.  Smart Filer is an integrated solution providing high speed data inventory and analytics, combined with transparent, policy-based data management.  As a result, you can quickly catalog your data sets; offloading your cold data seamlessly to much lower cost storage media, on-premises or in the cloud.  

Find out more about Leonovus Smart Filer here -> https://www.leonovus.com/products/smart-filer