Cloud Storage with No Strings Attached



Cloud storage has the potential to offer compelling value. However, many organizations experience “sticker shock” when faced with unexpected fees. Cloud providers make it convenient to store data in their services with very low data storage fees and a variety of options for populating their storage. However, once cloud providers have your data, they can make it very difficult for you to leave. Expensive data egress, networking fees and an absence of multi-cloud platform data migration tools are just a couple of challenges faced by cloud storage customers.


  • Unanticipated data egress and access
    Unanticipated data egress and access fees lead to large cloud storage bills
  • Cloud vendor lock-in...
    Cloud vendor lock-in owing to prohibitive data egress fees and lack of simple ways to migrate data to other providers
  • Inability to benefit from the highly dynamic...
    Inability to benefit from the highly dynamic, ever-evolving cloud storage market due to constraints in adopting emerging cloud storage providers with compelling services and pricing models


  1. Adopt public cloud storage without cloud vendor lock-in
  2. Benefit from dynamic cloud storage market by adopting providers with emerging offerings and new pricing models
  3. Minimize cloud storage footprint and data access fees