Whitepaper: Secure Multi-Cloud Storage for Highly Regulated Environments

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Multi-Cloud Data Controller

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How Leonovus Works 

Leonovus gives your enterprise the flexibility and simplicity your business needs. We use patented algorithms to encrypt the whole file.

“We protect your data by destroying it ” 

Only people who are authenticated and authorized with the right access to the right number of fragments in the right number of locations and in the right order can reconstitute the file.

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Liberate your data with Leonovus: platform-agnostic secure and compliant software-defined storage

Manage data growth costs effectively

Choose the storage approach that best meets your needs: on-premises, hybrid and/or multi-cloud

Maintain chain of custody

Know where your data resides as well as when and how it is accessed

Avoid vendor lock-in

Have the choice of storage hardware and cloud offerings without being held hostage

Adopt enhanced security

Encrypt, Shred, and Spread your data to ensure hackers have nothing to hack


Blockchain Evidence Locker

Law enforcement is faced with a massive growth in the amount of digital evidence that needs to remain true, tamperproof, and with a verifiable chain of custody.

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Law Enforcement and Public Safety Data Storage Solution (CJIS Compliant)

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ApexIT Leonovus Partner

FlexITy Solutions - Leonovus partnership

ZoneTI - Leonovus Partner

Snowy River - Leonovus Partner

Microsoft - Leonovus partnership

Tech Data - Leonovus Storage partner

AWS - Leonovus Partnership

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