Enhanced Hybrid Cloud Data Security



Keeping data secure across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure is challenging. Infrastructure-centric security controls are difficult to manage, and may not protect your data as it resides in, and is migrated across, hybrid and multiple clouds. Without a consistent approach, your data can become siloed, inaccessible and exposed to third parties.


  • Differing security controls
    Differing security controls and paradigms lead to inconsistent protection
  • Cloud provider encryption
    Cloud provider encryption and key management can expose your data to cloud administrators, foreign governments and malicious third parties
  • Cloud migration is hampered
    Cloud migration is hampered by inconsistent and incompatible security controls
  • Managing diverse security controls
    Managing diverse security controls places extra demands on IT administrators and leads to error


  1. Maintain full control of your data
  2. Ensure your data is always available
  3. Apply unique security controls for different data sets