Seamless Storage Hardware Refresh



On-premises storage infrastructure typically refreshes every three to five years. Deploying new storage hardware and decommissioning old storage hardware can be costly and challenging, but most of the effort relates to migrating data to the new infrastructure. Moving large quantities of data manually is time consuming and error prone, and subject to network and storage outages. The process is even more complex when users and applications must maintain access to data during its migration.


  • Significant downtime while migrating...
    Significant downtime while migrating large quantities of data across storage servers
  • Complex data migration processes needed...
    Complex data migration processes needed to maximize data availability while dealing with the effects of network and storage outages
  • Data silos created as a result of breakdown...
    Data silos created as a result of breakdown in data management. Data silos might be created when users require continuous access to data during the migration process, and are given access to both old and new storage infrastructures.


  1. Limit the purchase of new storage hardware to the capacity required for your frequently accessed (“hot”) data and leverage cheaper cloud storage for your cold data
  2. Transfer data between storage hardware automatically and seamlessly
  3. Provide users and applications continuous access to their data throughout the data migration process