Boundless Unstructured Data Storage



Industry consensus is that roughly 80% of all stored data is unstructured and growing 40% to 50% annually. Compounding this, many organizations must retain data for years, if not decades. As a result, most unstructured, stored data is infrequently accessed or “cold”. This cold data makes it difficult and expensive to entirely satisfy storage needs with on-premises storage infrastructure.


  • Storage infrastructure procurement
    Storage infrastructure procurement must not only consider today’s needs, but storage requirements years from now.
  • Most relatively expensive...
    Most relatively expensive, high performance on-premises storage infrastructure is consumed by cold data.
  • Organizations have no easy way...
    Organizations have no easy way to characterize their data, leading to highly inefficient and costly “one size fits all” data management.
  • Organizations want to adopt cloud storage
    Organizations want to adopt cloud storage services, but are concerned about migrating data without affecting users and ensuring data remains secure.


Leonovus Smart Filer provides transparent analytics and data management that allows you to automatically tier file data to secondary or cloud storage with no negative effects to users. Smart Filer can also be used with Leonovus Vault to tier data to multiple clouds.

Leonovus Vault allows you to leverage cloud storage along with on-premises storage infrastructure to address your ever-growing data efficiently and securely, without cloud vendor lock-in.


  1. Address ever-growing storage needs with access to limitless capacity
  2. Automate tiering of cold data to cheaper storage
  3. Manage data with no negative effects to users