Law enforcement and public safety data storage solution

Law enforcement agencies and public safety organizations are faced with exponential data growth and are challenged to ensure this data remains available and secure. Leonovus offers a cost-efficient and compliant blockchain-hardened software-defined storage solution that ensures data remains tamper proof and that chain-of-evidence is maintained.

Data storage challenges

Data creation growth, without spending more

Law enforcement agencies and public safety organizations are dealing with fixed budgets but are continually expanding types, and quantities of data they need to store. This imbalance has caused many agencies to begin to realize that software-defined storage like Leonovus is a risk-averse cost-effective solution to their budgetary needs. Moreover, without being locked to a single vendor, Leonovus patented technology can reconstitute files from the endpoints that are most cost-efficient.

Ensuring a chain of evidence 

Providing an auditable chain of evidence for each piece of data is crucial for the admissibility of that evidence in the law enforcement process.  Leonovus offers this through encryption, shredding and spreading, of the data from retrieval to rest. Additionally, the solution offers a multi-cloud deployment that can reach up to 6-9’s reliability when desired, error correction, alongside a blockchain hardened auditable chain of evidence.

Data needs to be secure

When dealing with critical evidence the importance of keeping data secure is paramount. By avoiding vendor lock-in coupled with patented data fragment spreading and recovery technology, Leonovus offers a storage solution that ensures that if a data breach occurs hackers receive nothing of value,  All while keeping your network owned, controlled, and open to authenticated users.

Managing regulations and compliance

Law enforcement and public safety officials need to adhere to many regulatory compliance standards. To ensure data integrity the Leonovus storage solution is CJIS compliant and will continue to adhere to any changes to the CJIS compliance standards in the future.

Leonovus features 

Cost efficiency

Utilizing Leonovus to store files in the cloud and multi-clouds provides a cost-efficient solution that ensures no vendor lock-in while adhering to CJIS requirements.

Military-grade security

When data is uploaded onto the Leonovus system it is immediately encrypted, the file is then shredded into data fragments and spread across multiple endpoints. Through this process even if a data breach occurs, the attackers will receive nothing of value.

Chain of evidence

With a chain of evidence, the Leonovus solution will inform agencies who has viewed and had access to each file.

No vendor lock-in

Agencies will have the freedom of choosing what endpoints, quantities, and cloud storage providers they want all without the risk of vendor-lock in.


From input, transit, rest, and retrieval all files entered into the Leonovus system are tamper-proof.


The Leonovus solution is CJIS compliant and is FIPS 140-2 certified.

Data availability

Leonovus can offer law enforcement agencies and public safety organizations up to 6- 9s (99.9999%) data availability.

Blockchain hardened 

Adding blockchain technology to the storage process allows Leonovus the ability to provide cryptographically enhanced security and provides immutability to the data.

Autonomous self-healing

The Leonovus solution provides law enforcement agencies and public safety organizations the ability to reconstitute their entire file even if a node or endpoint storing fragments of that file goes down, or becomes undesirable.


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