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Leonovus launches software-defined object storage solution - Leonovus

Leonovus launches software-defined object storage solution

Jan 10, 2017

The solution is designed to bring enterprise cloud users an increased level of data security, recoverability, and compliance across any combination of cloud storage solutions 

Ottawa, Canada – January 10, 2017 – Leonovus, a cloud solutions software provider, today launched its next generation software-defined object storage solution (SDOSS) for enterprise cloud users. Companies can now securely store and manage large amounts of unstructured data within enterprise cloud environments. Designed with the company in mind, Leonovus’ patented algorithms put control of the entire network of on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud storage nodes back in the hands of the IT manager.

With its patented distributed storage architecture, Leonovus addresses the top cloud storage concerns of complex enterprises – data security, compliance, simplicity, interoperability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency. Leonovus’ unified, highly secure SDOSS integrates into all network types – on-premises, cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud – and directly addresses governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) concerns without sacrificing ROI.

While most SDOSS solutions require additional hardware solely dedicated to storing data, Leonovus is hardware and software agnostic, which allows the enterprise to utilize existing, idle storage hardware. Considering that 30 percent of storage is wasted or idle in today’s IT organizations, according to Gartner, Leonovus’ agnostic quality and simple, fast integration capabilities drastically reduce the enterprise’s OPEX and CAPEX.

“Historically, enterprises had to pick between implementing GRC and staying on budget,” said Michael Gaffney, CEO of Leonovus. “Leonovus allows the enterprise to have both. Through its hardware agnostic design, Leonovus cuts implementation costs – leaving room in the enterprise’s budget for GRC.”

Leonovus’ solution provides the highest level of data security through its unique encryption, segmentation and distributed approach to enterprise cloud storage. Leonovus sends enterprise data through up to four levels of military-grade encryption before storing its segments (shares) across a network of on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud geo-distributed storage nodes. 

Leonovus’ unique WISE (Web Integrated Services Environment) framework ties all storage nodes together, providing constant communication and data accessibility without overloading the network. 

“Regardless of the type of data, what matters most to enterprises is that no data is lost, it is recovered easily, and no usable data falls into the wrong hands,” said Gaffney. “With Leonovus’ unique use of erasure coding and geo-distributed data storage, the data becomes the many pieces to the file puzzle. No one has a chance of locating all the pieces and reassembling them into the full, original file – making cyber threats like ransomware a concern of the past.”

As an Oracle Gold Cloud Partner, Leonovus complements Oracle’s storage solution offerings by bringing GRC to Oracle’s IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud storage solutions and providing a foundation for enhanced GRC in all of Oracle’s cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.

“Oracle’s cloud service platform comes at a lower price point than AWS – making it already attractive from an economic standpoint,” said Rino Granito, cloud storage architect at Leonovus. “When you combine this with Leonovus’ object-based storage software and patented security and compliance architecture, we are able to offer a unique solution that will encourage IT managers to move their data to the cloud.”

While Leonovus protects data from outside forces, it provides a higher degree of data available within the enterprise. Leonovus comes with a six 9’s or more (99.9999 percent) file recovery service availability and allows the enterprise to retrieve stored files in a matter of minutes. The storage availability level can be easily configured up or down by the user, balancing against the efficiency with which the data is stored. Competing SDOSS solutions often lack flexibility and simplicity of control when adjusting the way in which this balance is managed. Leonovus’ custom storage tuning feature allows IT managers to adjust the level of data safety and storage efficiency based on the characteristics of their own environment, the type of data being stored and the needs of their individual business.

“Providing fully protected, dispersed data that is also easily retrievable can be a challenging balance to achieve,” said Gaffney. “Through the WISE network, Leonovus strikes that balance by offering service level agreements for secure data tracking and recovery that far exceed those offered by the traditional public cloud vendors. Leonovus does so in a manner that also solves the challenges of consistent governance and compliance reporting across the enterprise’s entire IT cloud architecture.” 

About Leonovus – Leonovus is a cloud solution software provider that offers the leading software-defined object storage solution (SDOSS) and governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solution for the modern enterprise. Designed with the IT manager in mind, Leonovus’ patented algorithms virtualize, transform, slice and disperse data across a network of on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud storage nodes – allowing for the most secure yet internally accessible form of object-based data storage that provides GRC across the entire solution. The advanced geo-distributed architecture minimizes latency, optimizes geo-availability, reduces remote backup costs and meets data sovereignty requirements. With its software and hardware agnostic design, Leonovus provides Petabyte scalability and allows the enterprise to utilize its existing idle storage resources, extend the useable lifespan of depreciated resources and improve the enterprise’s overall ROI.

Learn how Leonovus encrypts, shreds, and spreads your valuable data. 

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