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Why partner with Leonovus?

Partnering with Leonovus lets you integrate our patented technology with your own to offer your customers an enhanced solution that meets specific market demands and serves a wide variety of use cases

Why partner with Leonovus?
  • Expand your suite of offerings
    Expand your suite of offerings
    Add Leonovus to your portfolio and deliver even more value to your customers with leading data storage solutions that provide enhanced security, access to limitless storage, multi-cloud flexibility, transparent data access and more.
  • Access new market segments
    Access new market segments
    Your success is our success. We invest in co-branded marketing initiatives and joint go-to-market strategies to fully support your sales of our solution.

Leonovus helps iCONECT deliver unrivaled data security


Corporations worldwide can strengthen their iCONECT-XERA document and video review platform with Leonovus’ patented military-grade encryption methodology. iCONECT worked with our technical staff to ensure eDiscovery users can retrieve documents, videos, and audio as though the files never left their native formats. The result: end users can seamlessly search, sort, organize, graph, produce and analyze relationships between files.

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Leonovus and Commvault deliver hyper-secure backup across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud


Leonovus offers Commvault customers adopting multi-cloud infrastructure unique and strategic capabilities. With Leonovus, Commvault customers can securely distribute data across multiple clouds without requiring separate Cloud Storage Library configurations for each cloud service. Leonovus brokers access to multiple subscribed cloud storage services into one highly secure, enterprise-controlled data plane.

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