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Does your file storage infrastructure cost too much?

Industry consensus is that roughly 80% of all stored data is unstructured and growing 40% to 60% annually. Compounding this, many organizations must retain data for years, if not decades. As a result, most unstructured, stored data is infrequently accessed or “cold”. This cold data makes it difficult and expensive to entirely satisfy storage needs with on-premises storage infrastructure.

Unprecedented data growth is straining your file storage infrastructure.

  • On average, 75% to 90% of all unstructured data is considered cold. Studies show that data is most frequently accessed (“hottest”) in the first 72 hours after creation and then rapidly cools after 30 days, becoming cold after 90 days. While this data may be infrequently accessed, organizations are often required to retain it and ensure it is easily accessible over retention periods spanning months and years to decades and even generations.
  • Most organizations struggle to classify their data, leading to highly inefficient and costly “one size fits all” data management. This results in the use of the most expensive on-premises storage infrastructure for all data, regardless of how frequently (or infrequently) it is accessed.
  • Furthermore, because your organization’s data is growing exponentially, you must not only consider today’s needs, but storage requirements years from now when procuring new storage infrastructure.


Using high-performance primary storage for cold data is wasteful and represents a tremendous opportunity for storage optimization, reduction in IT management efforts, and cost reduction.