Chain of Custody for your Digital Assets

About Us

Leonovus Vault is a multi-cloud data controller that acts as a unified storage target for all applications and storage. You can now create a long-term security strategy that:

  • Puts you in control of your data’s security by decoupling data from the underlying infrastructure
  • Mitigates data breaches and establishes true data sovereignty by storing discretely indecipherable data in public clouds
  • Minimizes administrative error through a single pane of glass for applying consistent security policy
  • Is tailored to each of your data sets with granular control of data placement, key management and long-term retention
  • Provides an immutable chain of custody and mechanisms to ensure data integrity


The Leonovus Vault solution provides advanced data protection by encrypting your data, shredding it and distributing these data fragments across on-premises and public cloud storage nodes. The encryption keys and security policies used to do so remain completely under your control. With the multi-cloud data controller, if one of your nodes were to be breached, only a partial – and dispensable – fragment of your encrypted data files is exposed, which when viewed on its own, is entirely unintelligible to an unauthorized user. Data fragmentation is achieved using erasure coding, effectively establishing RAID 5/6 equivalent data resiliency across the storage nodes you’ve configured.