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IDC Technology Spotlight, May 2018


As the amount of data organizations create continues to expand at 30%–50% per year, the demands we make on this data also increase. We require scale and performance unheard of a decade ago, our applications reside within our own datacentres as well as our partners’ or the cloud, and the risks associated with our data in terms of security, data protection, and regulatory compliance continue to grow. A further stress on the system is the emphasis from the line of business for IT to provide this capacity and these capabilities with greater efficiency and agility than traditional procurement can provide. Organizations find it difficult to predict their technology requirements three to five years out, but expect IT to be able to react to changes in business strategy with speed and flexibility — capital expenditures with four- to five-year life cycles cannot meet these business imperatives.

Key Benefits of SDS deployment

Cost is a major driver for SDS deployment, provisioning times an unexpected benefit