DIY private data cloud

About Us


Leonovus Vault gives enterprises the ability to build your own customized private data-centric cloud. This means you can build a private cloud to meet your internal business needs by including current on-premises infrastructure and adding remote locations and even adding public cloud resources into a single easily managed secure environment.

Ideal for

  • Mixed infrastructure with no single view
  • Aging and idle resources not being utilized
  • Complex requirements and interactions
  • No ability to share data in secure collaborations
  • Known and un-known data storage locations
  • Confusing data ownership borders
  • Mixed data regulatory requirements
  • No tracking and auditable capabilities

Key features

  • Military grade data security in transit and while at-rest at all locations
  • Decouple enterprise data from the corporate infrastructure, by pulling it into a secure data plane
  • Extend data protection to all users, including corporate and personal storage drives and devices
  • Standardize on costs associated with policy design, deployment, and enforcement across a mixed secure cloud environment
  • Secure access to data in the data cloud with enforced authorized and authentication fully tracked, supporting enterprises data governance policies and requirements
  • Share content internally within across organizations, individually or as a sub-group and where permitted by the enterprise, share with external businesses and individuals
  • Migrate data from other locations into a secured corporate umbrella and back into regulatory compliance. Business continuity is assured by a self-healing function that at the core of Leonovus Vault