Secure data ownership

About Us


Leonovus Vault gives enterprises the peace of mind of knowing that their data is secure and only they can access the full content through patented algorithms that virtualize, transform, shred and disperse secure data fragments across a defined network of on-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud storage endpoints.

Ideal for

  • Secured enterprise data wherever it is stored
  • No unauthorized data access
  • Meeting Multi-location data placement
  • Monitoring and Auditability trails
  • Secure data, at-rest, and movements
  • Exceeding Regulatory and Compliance standards

Key features

  • Military grade data security in transit and while at-rest at all locations
  • Security from upload to archiving, due to digitally signed content, multi-tier encryption, shredding and disbursement
  • Returns data usage rights to the owner of the data, not the appointed storage or cloud provider
  • Accessed data is not viable without seeing all shredded, encrypted and disbursed elements from potentially different providers and geo-location
  • Hackability is exponentially more difficult with double encryption, data shredding and modified Reed- Solomon disbursement techniques
  • Decoupling data from the underlying infrastructure allows for future proofing your data accessibility
  • Immutable private blockchain controlled metadata protects the ability to allow the data to be reconstituted for your enterprise needs