Multi-Cloud Flexibility

With Leonovus Smart Filer, you can choose from a wide range of cloud storage service providers to extend your existing file storage inexpensively and with access to limitless capacity.

With Leonovus Vault, you can point your applications at a unified storage target while using both on-premises and cloud storage from a myriad of providers. You remain in complete control of the security of your data and where it resides.


Multi-Cloud Support

Smart Filer and Vault let you store data seamlessly in a wide array of storage infrastructure, including on-premises storage servers, and Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage and S3-compatible providers.

Storage Management: Zones and Pools

Vault’s storage Pools and Zones let you apply unique security controls to different data sets. For example, you can specify who may access data, the number of fragments created, and the storage providers and regions across which the fragments are distributed.

Storage Management Zones and Pools

Smart Restore

Vault allows you to maximize efficiency and reduce costs when accessing data. Vault’s Smart Restore feature lets you prioritize the storage nodes from which data fragments are retrieved, so that you can optimize performance and minimize fees associated with retrieving data from cloud storage.