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Managed Long-Term Retention - Leonovus

Managed Long-Term Retention

Many organizations, regardless of size, need long-term data retention, whether for regulatory, economic, social, scientific or other reasons. The challenge with long-term retention is that the storage landscape is continuously evolving. No one can predict how storage, whether on-premises, in the cloud or using some yet to be discovered technology, will evolve over the next 5, 10, 20 years or beyond. Leonovus’ data-centric architecture future-proofs data retention. By establishing and maintaining long-term retention policies independent of the underlying infrastructure, Leonovus Vault preserves and protects your data for as long as you need it, on the storage infrastructure of your choice.


WORM Locks

Vault has the built-in ability to establish policies for the storage and protection of your data, independent of the underlying storage infrastructure. One such policy allows setting Write Once-Read Many (WORM) locks to establish long-term data retention. With a single click, you can write-protect your content, ensuring it remains available, but unaltered indefinitely or for a duration of your choice.

Multi-Cloud Support

Vault lets you store data seamlessly in a wide array of storage infrastructure, including on-premises storage servers, and Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage and S3-compatible providers. Vault lets you change the mix of storage providers you use without any modification to the overarching retention policies that govern your data.

Storage Management: Zones and Pools

Vault’s Zones and Pools concepts allow you to apply different policies to each of your data sets. Zones give you a convenient way to group storage nodes. Pools let you establish long-term, data retention policies and ensure that data is spread across the Zones assigned to them. You can easily adopt emerging cloud providers that offer new pricing and capabilities. You simply include new providers in new or existing Zones, which adds them transparently to the Pools assigned to your data. Similarly, providers and technologies that no longer meet your needs can be isolated and removed. Removal automatically off-loads your data from the deprecated endpoints to others that do meet your needs, without any interruption or recalculation of the remaining retention policies.


Enhanced Data Integrity

Vault monitors the integrity of your data throughout its lifespan using SHA-256 hashes of all files and all fragments it creates. Consequently, Vault can detect when data is altered as a result of bit decay, storage media faults or malicious attack. Where content has been altered, Vault automatically repairs the data in question, ensuring it is available when you need it.

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