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Strong Chain of Custody - Leonovus

Strong Chain of Custody

You may need strict tracking of, and reporting on, all interactions with your data for many reasons. Corporate data governance, regulatory compliance, or legal statutes all necessitate a reliable and auditable history of all access that spans the full life cycle of your data.

Leonovus Vault encrypts the data it manages and performs continuous data integrity checks. In addition, Vault maintains detailed audits of all levels of system and data interactions, including file fragments, which provides a finer level of granularity than most systems. Resulting audits are easily integrated into your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools using industry-standard protocols.

You can also configure Vault to store data access events in an unchangeable, tamper-proof, private blockchain to give you the forensic capability to prove who has accessed your data.

Together, these features mean that Vault ensures both content and data access audits are cryptographically verifiable to be original and unaltered, maintaining a permanent chain of custody.


Enhanced Data Integrity

Vault monitors the integrity of your data throughout its lifespan using SHA-256 hashes of all files and all fragments it creates. Consequently, Vault can detect when data is altered as a result of bit decay, storage media faults or malicious attack. Where content has been altered, Vault automatically repairs the data in question, ensuring it is available when you need it.

Data Access Insight

Vault tracks and logs all access not only to all the data it manages, but also, to each of the data fragments it creates. In addition, Vault can send data access audits directly to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) over industry‑standard protocols to provide additional insight into the security of your data.

Detailed Data Access Audits with Blockchain Option

Vault logs all data-access events. Vault’s bundled, optional Chain of Custody tool can secure and permanently preserve logged events. Based on blockchain technology, this tool lets you maintain a secure, private repository of logged events.

Running on multiple nodes in locations designated only by you, the blockchain provides each node with a complete, encrypted, replicated and digitally-hashed record of all monitored events. With digital hashing, each record is permanent and immutable. You also control who may access these blockchain-based historical records. Using the Chain of Custody tool, only authorized users and services may examine, sort and search these event records. Authorized users and services can produce either downloadable off-line reports or real-time, cryptographically verifiable audit views of the event logs.

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