Zero Downtime File Server Migration

On-premises storage infrastructure typically refreshes every three to five years. Deploying new storage hardware and decommissioning old storage hardware can be costly and challenging, but most of the effort relates to migrating data to the new infrastructure. Moving large quantities of data manually is time consuming and error prone, and subject to network and storage outages. The process is even more complex when users and applications must maintain access to data during its migration.

Leonovus Smart Filer removes the complexity associated with file server refresh by automating the migration process and providing users and applications continuous access to data during the process.


Smart Links

As Smart Filer migrates files to new file servers, it leaves an industry-standard symbolic link for each file on the original infrastructure. Users and applications (“requestors”) can continue to access the source file server during migration.

If a requestor requires a file that has not yet been migrated, it is retrieved directly from the source file server.

Zero Downtime File Server Migration

If a requestor asks for a file that has been migrated, they are automatically and transparently redirected to the destination file server which returns it to the requestor.

Zero Downtime File Server Migration Smart Filer

Once migration is complete, users and applications access their data directly from the destination file server, allowing the source file server to be decommissioned or repurposed.

Metadata Preservation

For true transparency, all standard metadata for any file migrated between a source and destination file server must remain unchanged. This requirement includes the file’s owner, permissions, and access control list, as well as its creation date, modified date and last-access data. By enforcing consistency of metadata, Smart Filer ensures a completely transparent migration of data between file servers.