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Data backup challenges

As data volumes soar and become increasingly diverse, many businesses are wondering:

  • Can we grow our backup capacity as much as we need and keep our data safe?
  • Are our costs growing at the same rate as our data volumes?
  • Are we using our existing storage resources as efficiently as possible?
  • Do we have the flexibility to switch to a more efficient, more cost-effective storage solution?
  • Can we support our data backup windows?


Leonovus 3.0: Ultra-secure, decentralized, blockchain hardened software-defined object storage

Data backup is business-critical and always getting bigger

Enterprises don’t just have more data to back up today but also a greater variety — structured and unstructured, from videos and high-res images to the full array of Big Data sources including performance measures, audit logs, diagnostics and more. Many of these new types of data take up more storage space than documents and application backups ever needed.

That means traditional backup challenges like storage limits and restore times have only gotten more intense, compounded by the stringent retention requirements of laws and regulations like HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and more.

The question many organizations face today is how to meet backup needs without blowing the budget on data storage.

A simplified, future-proof data backup solution

Leonovus 3.0 gives organizations the flexibility to choose the right mix of storage technologies for their requirements, the agility to evolve over time, and the freedom to choose the most cost-effective options available.

Secure software-defined object storage provides petabyte-scale data management with immutable blockchain-hardened protection. By decoupling data from the underlying infrastructure, Leonovus 3.0 enables enhanced security and flexible data movement while leaving IT teams in full control no matter where data is stored.

Its inherent flexibility makes it easy to take advantage of the cost and resource efficiency of multi-cloud storage with zero compromises on security, privacy or data compliance. Data-shredding algorithms and distributed hybrid/multi-cloud architecture render information hacker-proof, while enterprise blockchain provides an immutable, fully auditable chain of evidence.

Hardware- and software-agnostic, Leonovus 3.0 lets enterprises use commodity storage hardware, idle storage resources and multiple clouds for even the most sensitive data with full assurance of compliance and security.

Encrypt, Shred, Spread - solving enterprise data solution problem

Military-grade security for data backup in transit and in storage

  • Security from upload to archiving, thanks to digitally signed content, multi-tier encryption, segmentation and distribution
  • Bank-grade governance and controls, with all content tracked and monitored using forensic capabilities and audit trails
  • Secure, compliant use of idle storage assets across the organization
  • Full lifecycle data protection
  • Financial savings and cost efficiency from using hosted and/or cloud storage services
  • Easy integration with existing applications and devices so authenticated users don’t have to change how they access their content

How it works

Leonovus 3.0 supports on-premises, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud data storage, with all architectures meeting the security and compliance requirements for data backups. This lets you securely use existing and low-cost resources for unstructured data. With Leonovus 3.0, you can:

  • Easily identify and quantify idle storage assets across the organization to optimize usage and reduce costs
  • Add commodity storage hardware to your current internal storage infrastructure
  • Create a secure, virtualized storage cloud by aggregating the storage available at each detachment
  • Use multiple concurrent public cloud providers (AWS/Azure/Oracle/Google/Microsoft), fully secured with Leonovus technology

Other use cases

Leonovus 3.0 is suited to any organization with large volumes of video data to store including:

Optimized video

Data archiving

Secure file transfer 

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