5 Reasons Law Enforcement Is Choosing Leonovus’ Blockchain Evidence Locker

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Law enforcement agencies are faced with the challenge of handling exponential digital data growth while ensuring this data remains available, secure and true. Leonovus offers a cost-efficient and compliant blockchain-hardened hyper-secure software-defined storage solution that ensures data remains tamper proof and that chain-of-evidence is maintained.


    When law enforcement agencies record their data, it is imperative that the content remains true, tamper-proof and maintains an auditable chain of custody to ensure object integrity. BEL ensures this by inputting data through a hyper-ledger-based permission blockchain. The solution allows law enforcement organizations, authorized third-party organizations and auditors access to view and verify all digital activity regarding evidentiary assets. If a file is altered in any way even just marginally, the blockchain will inform the agency or auditors through cryptography that the current file has been altered. BEL also has the capability for access monitoring. It can be directly managed by the agency, police force or a desired third party giving them complete control over the process. Moreover, BEL also enhances user authentication and tracking of the data from the inception point until the closure of the case through its built-in and immutable chain of evidence tool.


    Cloud vendor lock-in has inhibited many enterprises from potential growth through complex systems of low input costs with high egress fees. BEL enables organizations the flexibility to utilize the data storage deployment that is most efficient for them. Whether that is utilizing on-premise resources, multi-cloud or a hybrid cloud deployment. By discovering, reusing, and optimizing idle on-premise data storage and utilizing a no cloud vendor lock-in, the solution optimizes every bit of available storage. Moreover, sophisticated deduplication techniques within the solution significantly reduce the agencies total data volumes which in turn reduces costs.


    For law enforcement agencies there is no compromising security of their digital assets. BEL uniquely utilizes patented algorithms to encrypt the data, then shred into what could be thousands of data fragments and spread these fragments across storage endpoints. This technology is a key feature of the Blockchain Evidence Locker and allows law enforcement agencies the peace of mind of knowing their data is secure. The technology ensures that even when a data breach to a storage endpoint occurs, the data fragment that becomes compromised offers no content of value to the attacker. Meanwhile, to authorized users, the solution also permits these agencies to maintain control and ownership of all their data with 99.9999% data durability.


    The Blockchain Evidence Locker offers law enforcement agencies an audit log to their data. It records all actions to/from the input, access, deletion, and deletion attempts. This audit log can be utilized to view and verify all digital activity regarding evidentiary assets, providing confidence for all involved in any related legal cases.

  5. ENSURING REGULATIONS AND COMPLIANCE The compliance and regulatory environment for law enforcement organizations to store their data is becoming more complex, prescriptive and broad-reaching. Moreover, the fines for not following privacy legislation such as GDPR can cost organizations tens of millions of dollars. In the US when law enforcement agencies are dealing with criminal justice information they have the requirement of adhering to the Criminal Justice Information Standards (CJIS). Our Blockchain Evidence Locker is CJIS compliant.