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Does young technology company necessarily mean startup? - Leonovus

Does young technology company necessarily mean startup?

About Us

Nowadays, innovations created by startups are the main drivers and engines for enterprises. Yet, there are still many stereotypes in how people generally perceive startups: as small companies with huge ambitions around some ideas (mostly technological) launched by yesterday’s graduates trying to find their place in Silicon Valley all while raising millions from investors. Naturally, high opportunities, as well as high risks, are associated with startup businesses. Statistical data is different, but many believe that nine out of ten startups fail due to certain reasons such as inexperienced management, lack of sufficient market for their product, running out of cash, lack of flexibility in business approach, etc.

But there are also many positive associations with startups:

  • Fresh, innovative ideas. Startups have a “cool factor” to attract talents and investments. It provides stakeholders with a sign “We hold fingers on the pulse of the future”.
  • Ability and intention to grow fast and scale the business. Startups think globally and are unconstrained by geography.
  • Dynamic and creative culture when employees believe that their job makes an impact and sincerely behave as evangelists of their product.

Certainly, Leonovus can be perceived as a startup: its business is built around innovative and unique technology, the team more than quadrupled in the last six months. However, the Leonovus senior management and engineering team have decades of invaluable industry experience. And Leonovus solution has over eight years of engineering embedded in its technology.

Let us introduce two of our latest hires who have chosen to join our team.  These new members have already created positive impact sharpening our sales strategy and product positioning.

Tim Bramble, VP of Product Management, recently surprised the whole Leonovus team by comparing “Parenting graph” with “Software-defined storage life cycle” graph. Obviously, lack of creativity is not his issue. Tim has been involved in data security for two decades, taking different roles required both deep technical knowledge and understanding of commerce processes. Accumulating strong experience in software development and product management in industry leading corporations such as Dell, Entrust and Nortel, makes Tim a powerful contributor into Leonovus product strategy.

James LaPalme, VP of Sales, has extensive business development experience globally, across various verticals while leading direct and indirect sales teams and developing strong relationships with channel partners and alliances.  By working with multiple customers and partners James has developed a deep knowledge of the cyber and digital security markets and customer issues which Leonovus is addressing.

 Each of Leonovus employees has his/her own unique story, and this blog post would be a very long read if we try to list all of them in this post.   Having a team of industry experts with decades of experience sets Leonovus apart from numerous startups. At the same time, we are glad to have and to support an innovative and creative atmosphere of a newly born software business.

 Lastly, the most important thing is how these factors impact our technology and how it is enriching it by new cool features – all aimed to make it as simple and user-friendly as possible for our end user. Leading research companies like Forrester and IDC believe flexibility and simplicity of new technology products are the most critical factors considered by companies going through digital transformation challenges*. It is not just trendy, it is the organic requirement of a technologies evolution.

To summarize, the beneficial combination of innovative ideas, a flexible approach to product development and decades of industry experience brought to the company by its talented team gives Leonovus and its partners’ confidence in its offerings, and the ability to stay competitive amongst its rapid growth stage.

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