How do you protect data and services?

April 4th, 2016

Ultimately what needs to be protected is the data that flows through the system and the services which utilize or produce said data. To be secure Leonovus ensures the following with respect to data:

  • protection
  • integrity
  • preservation

Data protection comes in several forms including, encryption, segmentation, protocols, and ownership. All client data is encrypted using state-of-the-art AES 128/256 bit key encryption. This encryption stays in force so long as the data resides in the WISE domain. In addition, several of the data management applications that are approved for use in the Leonovus solution offer client-side encryption, ensuring the data is protected before leaving the customer’s immediate location. In this way, their security, privacy, and asset protection policies and services remain in effect. Therefore, privacy and compliance are maintained for many regulatory and legal constraints.

Encryption alone is not sufficient to meet Leonovus high-security standards. The data is further protected by taking the encrypted files and segmenting them and distributing the segments disjointly throughout the WISE Network of devices. Even should all of the data from a single Leonovus Vault storage node be obtained, none of the encrypted data segments would be sufficient to decrypt into the original user content.

The same mechanism that protects the customer’s data through segmentation also ensures the integrity of the content through two mechanisms, standard digital signatures, and forward error correction. These mechanisms utilize the same techniques used in maintaining content integrity in RAID 6 or better SAN arrays today.

The final critical element in data and services protection is preservation. This is achieved by the very nature of the distributed data center architecture of the Leonovus solution. Through the same techniques mentioned above, the segmented and encrypted client data is not only distributed throughout the WISE Network, it is also replicated. In this manner, the loss of one or several devices from within the network does not impact the ability to restore the customer’s data. With this solution in place, up to 70% of the Leonovus Cloud Services could be out of commission with no impact on the ability to reconstruct the original data. And since the WISE Network can also be geographically distributed, beyond the influences of weather, power grids, geopolitical boundaries, regulatory domains, even tectonic motion; a disaster in one or multiple locales does not put the customer data at risk.

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