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Public Safety…..A week in the life - Leonovus

Public Safety…..A week in the life

About Us

The Blockchain Evidence Locker is a necessity for public safety organizations

Data Storage Issues for public safety organizations

Public safety organizations such as fire departments, paramedics, call dispatchers, and law enforcement organizations are constantly searching for a solution for their digital evidentiary assets. These solutions need to be multi-faceted to handle many complex pain points organizations face. Firstly, these organizations will need to find a solution that is cost efficient and has the capability to handle the explosion in data growth and keep it within their budgetary constraints. Moreover, organizations have realized that solutions need to offer extreme security as the ever-growing risk of data breaches continue to grow. In Addition, bad actors within these organizations may not have the publics best interest in mind. For outdated data storage solutions that do not restrict internal tampering these bad individuals could tamper with their evidence to ensure their narrative is what is discovered when analyzing the data. Lastly, compliance regulations continue to grow and increase in strictness. Public safety organizations will need to adhere to regulations such as CJIS and others when they are dealing with criminal justice information and digital assets.

A flexible and simple solution

The Blockchain Evidence Locker is a simple, and flexible blockchain hardened hyper-secure software-defined object storage solution that has been specifically designed to incorporate features that will combat all public safety organization IT pain points. The solution utilizes the Leonovus 4.0 software-defined object storage solution to encrypt digital assets, shred the encrypted fragments and spread them across the desired storage architecture. This could include multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premise. The solutions unique ability to place data fragments across multiple public clouds allows for a cost-efficient solution while ensuring data is hyper-secure. Even if an endpoint that is storing fragments is breached the data in that fragment offers nothing of value to the attacker. Moreover, by having inputted files interact with a public blockchain the solution can ensure the files are available true and tamper proof. The audit logs created through the blockchain evidence locker link every evidentiary asset to a cryptographic hash. These hashes allow the organization, auditors or third parties a way to unanimously declare whether a file is or is not identical to the original. The ability to unanimously prove the authenticity of a digital asset is imperative to the success of the judicial process. It will ensure the data obtained and stored within the solution can be used and is permissible.

Life for IT Departments with the Blockchain Evidence Locker

Monday: It’s the start of the week and you’re a member of the IT department. Your team is hard at work dealing with a plethora of technical issues your public safety organization is bringing to you. However, what you aren’t worried about your organizations shared, bulk, backup, and archive digital evidentiary assets. Because you are utilizing the Blockchain Evidence Locker to store them. Your team has decided to utilize a multi-cloud storage architecture. The BEL has given your organization the ability to utilize the idle on-premise storage capacity that they currently possess and store exceeding data in multiple public clouds which has allowed your team to maintain storage costs and remain within the budget.

Wednesday: you receive a call from an auditor looking to gain access to the audit log to ensure the files in question have not been tampered. You grant them access because your organization has complete control of all of your digital evidentiary assets. The auditor begins to review the digital evidentiary activity. This includes having a detailed audit of any changes to the assets in question, as well as having absolute knowledge of who has submitted, accessed, updated, or deleted the digital evidentiary information.

Friday: You are excited for the weekend and you have a morning meeting requested by your chief technology officer to discuss the evolution of regulatory compliance and how your organization is handling it. You discuss your current architecture and quickly realize that the Blockchain Evidence Locker adheres to all requirements set out for data storage within CJIS and others. The workday finishes and you leave work to enjoy your weekend with the peace of mind of knowing your data is secure. Even if a breach occurs over the weekend, your data is safe, letting you enjoy your family without having to worry about work.

If this is the type of life your IT department is searching for. Contact us today to receive a demo and to discuss how the Blockchain Evidence locker can benefit your public safety organization.

Social Posts: Discover the leading data storage issues for #PublicSafety organizations, how the Blockchain Evidence Locker is a flexible and simple way to combat these issues, and how the solution transforms the lives of IT professionals using it.

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