Honored to be named one of the Top 20 Storage Start-up Companies in 2018.

About Us

Our focus on optimizing enterprise data storage and protection continues to be validated since the signing of our first proof of concept (POC) customer in August 2017.  As of this date, we have added eight more POC installations.

We recently completed a number of enterprise interviews as part of our industry research program and some of the Leonovus valued benefits that were highlighted to us were:

Hackers have nothing to hack

Data archived with Leonovus’ patented algorithms and hardened secure storage is “shredded” and distributed across hybrid (on-premises/cloud) and multi-cloud infrastructure.

Compliance assured

Leonovus’ auditable, immutable, ironclad security makes compliance easy. With a single dashboard across all assets, organizations have control over their data wherever it’s stored.

Self-healing power

Leonovus extends the life of companies’ IT by supporting the continued use of legacy equipment. Because archived data is shredded and distributed, if any one piece of equipment fails, the data that has been store there can be regenerated. With Leonovus, self-healing isn’t just a function: it’s built right into the architecture.

Multi-cloud flexibility

Leonovus lets organizations use multiple clouds for data storage and manage them through a single dashboard, making it easy to modify cloud services over time.

No vendor lock-in

Leonovus is hardware- and software-agnostic

Flexible data movement

Flexible data movement with classification and rule-setting ensures data is distributed dynamically across a data storage topology with support for real-time to cold storage.

Optimized use of idle resources

Leonovus is able to make use of idle storage resources such as Microsoft OneDrive — which for many enterprises remain up to 95% unused. Leonovus opens up resources for other IT-sanctioned functions like backup and archive, accessing petabytes of capacity.

Source: http://www.enterprisestorageforum.com/storage-management/20-data-storage-startups-to-watch.html