Ironclad security for data storage

You can have the best network defences going and still suffer a data breach. So what will happen to your data after the hackers get in?

Leonovus Vault makes your bulk and archived data useless to attackers even if they access one of your storage nodes. It’s the ultimate enterprise data protection solution: you can’t be held for ransom and data privacy remains intact.

Hackers are unable to access your data being stored

We protect data in all directions: active and archived, in flight and at rest. Archived data is broken up into software-defined objects, encrypted with patented algorithms and distributed across any storage architecture. With no whole file stored in any single location, each object is unusable until reconstituted, making it hacker-proof.

Your data network stays open for business

Leonovus Vault allows you to tightly control access to your data while enabling external sharing and collaboration with authenticated partners and suppliers. All interactions are logged and tracked for auditing and regulatory compliance.

Maintain control and ownership of all of your data

Data encryption and integrity protection, coupled with dual path event tracking, ensures your data is secure and tamper-proof.