Leonovus Vault: Multi-Cloud Data Controller

Leonovus Vault is a multi-cloud data controller software solution that increases data security, aids in compliance, and delivers flexibility to adapt to an evolving cloud storage landscape. Vault is a unified storage target to accept data from all your applications and – through erasure coding – distribute it across your storage sources – private, hybrid or multi-cloud.

The key benefits that Vault provides include:

How Leonovus Vault works

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Next Level

Next level security
Encryption is not enough for data security. That is why our multi-cloud data controller takes the security of your data a level beyond encryption by encrypting your data, shredding it and distributing these data fragments across your storage nodes. With Leonovus Vault, if one of your nodes were to be breached, only a partial – and dispensable – fragment of your encrypted data files is exposed, which when viewed on its own, is entirely unintelligible to an unauthorized user.

Enhanced Recoverability and Redundancy

Cloud node redundancy
Leonovus Vault provides advanced recoverability and redundancy should you lose access to any of your storage nodes. Utilizing erasure coding, Vault creates RAID-5/6 equivalent data resilience. If you were to lose access to a storage node or choose to discard a vendor/platform, you can – with no risk to data security – ignore the data in question and recover data from the remaining nodes.

Complete Control of Data & Key Management

Cloud data control and key management
With unprecedented storage needs and with an organization’s increasing number of storage platforms, managing and controlling policies has become complex. Leonovus Vault helps alleviate this complexity by offering a single pane of glass unified storage solution. You can self-manage the keys and apply encryption policies in data-centric and platform-agnostic fashion.

We will encrypt your data, shred your data, and spread your data

Multi-cloud data controller


Comprehensive Auditing

Enhanced auditing to comply with regulations such as GDPR
As part of data privacy and compliance legislations around the world, keeping data safe and auditable is a necessity. With its blockchain-powered chain of custody tool, Leonovus Vault captures all interactions with your data. For ongoing oversight, or in case of a breach, the chain of custody – which captures who, what, when information – can be securely extended to auditors and relevant agencies.

Data Sovereignty

Data sovereignty without the need for data residency
With overarching laws which potentially allow governments and third-parties to gain access to your private data, data sovereignty has become extremely important to ensure data remains private. Leonovus Vault delivers true data sovereignty by using the encryption, shredding and spreading model. Even if data were to be accessed by these third-parties through your cloud vendors, there would be no way for them to get any comprehensible data from them. This is because only fragments of data are stored on each vendor storage node, keeping your data safe, private and secure.

Leonovus Vault creates efficiencies in resiliency, extends control, and provides protection, for the enterprise’s most valuable asset, their data. This simplified, efficient, data-centric protection model enables vendor-independent policy and control across multiple private and public clouds now and in the future
– Dan Willis, CTO of Leonovus



Infrastructure Flexibility

The flexibility to migrate data more easily between onsite, private and public cloud environments
With the amount of data being created growing at an astronomical rate, Leonovus Vault provides flexibility to deal with changing data storage requirements. Using Vault’s erasure coding model, each storage node is expendable, even if it still has your data on it. This flexibility and freedom opens the opportunity to try and/or buy alternative cloud storage providers which offer more competitive rates, additional features or scalability.
In addition, you can add/switch storage nodes in a non-disruptive fashion. It saves precious IT resources and gives LOBs a simple storage target for a variety of use cases.

Reduced Storage Footprint

Reduced storage requirements
Have you heard of the 3 2 1 backup rule? Three copies of your data, located in two locations with one copy off site. Following these best practices results in significant additional storage requirements and costs. With Leonovus Vault: Multi-Cloud Data Controller, the data storage capacity – for similar data resilience – can potentially be about halved. This optimized data footprint reduces the security threat surface, helps avoid multiple data silos and helps save on storage and data transfer costs.

Vendor Lock-in Avoidance

Avoid vendor lockin with the flexibility of Leonovus
Creating or expanding data centers is expensive and is always limited by aging infrastructure and limited capacity. As organizations evaluate and look to adopt public cloud services, we help alleviate their biggest concern – lock-in.
Our multi-cloud data controller spreads size optimized and encrypted data across your storage ecosystem and reduces – and arguably eliminates – your risk-with and reliance on any one cloud vendor or platform. You are now better positioned to pursue a cloud-first strategy that is independent of specific cloud vendors or infrastructure.
Were there a need to walk away from one of your cloud vendors, Leonovus Vault would recover all data lost by reconstituting data from remaining nodes.