Leonovus Smart Filer Dramatically Reduces Corporate Data Storage Costs with Payback in as Little as Three Months

Sep 12, 2019


OTTAWA, September 12, 2019 -- Leonovus Inc., (“Leonovus or the Company”) (TSXV: LTV) (OTC: LVNSF) the ‘Untether Your Data’ company, today announced initial findings from its August 13, 2019 launch of its free Data Discovery Tool, an integral part of the new Smart Filer software product.

Based on Data Discovery Tool scans of file servers from several potential Smart Filer customers, on average, 82% of the data in the storage scanned had not been accessed for more than six months. One of the scans also showed a significant amount of unauthorized video data stored on corporate servers. These infrequently accessed (“cold”) and unauthorized files consume relatively expensive storage media and illustrate where customers can cut their storage costs significantly with Smart Filer while increasing their understanding of their data.

“We designed Smart Filer with the following principles in mind. It must be simple to install with a powerful analytics/data classification front-end, and a data tiering policy engine. Next, it has to be storage vendor agnostic, and when deployed, totally transparent to the end-user. Finally, it has to reduce the cost of data storage significantly by optimizing relatively expensive, performant on-premises storage resources and leveraging cloud storage,” said Michael Gaffney, Leonovus Inc., Chair and CEO.

Using Leonovus Smart Filer is a three-step process.  First, storage analysts use the network share scanning capability to quickly classify the mix of hot, warm, and cold data, as well as the types of files in which it resides. Next, IT administrators use the resulting analytics to design and implement new storage policies based on file types and activity.  Finally, administrators configure Smart Filer to offload infrequently accessed data to low cost data storage (typically cloud-based) automatically and transparently. Users retain access to the files throughout, with no changes to how they access them.

About Leonovus Smart Filer

 Today’s IT organizations are constantly challenged with maintaining primary data storage infrastructure that are often near or over capacity.  Because this data grows so fast and from so many sources, much of it goes unmanaged, meaning it must be stored in overburdened primary storage with the greatest levels of protection and performance available and typically with the highest costs. Leonovus Smart Filer applies analytics to this data, classifying it and transparently, offloading it. 

Smart Filer is an information lifecycle management (ILM) solution that analyzes existing file storage and extends its capacity automatically and transparently. According to customer-defined policies, infrequently accessed files are automatically removed from high-cost, high-performance primary storage, and placed in lower cost secondary or cloud storage, without any changes to how users and applications access them. When Leonovus Vault is deployed with Smart Filer, customers not only have lower data storage costs but enhanced data security and durability.

By 2025, IDC says worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes, with as much of the data residing in the cloud as in data centers. As data continues to grow, Smart Filer’s information lifecycle management (ILM) capability will continue to analyze existing file storage and automatically and transparently move data into hybrid cloud storage architectures.


To download the free Data Discovery Tool go here.

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