Data Discovery Tool

Data Discovery Tool

Reveal the true nature of your file server data!

Leonovus Data Discovery Tool scans Server Message Block (SMB) network attached file storage and characterizes the data stored on it.

Data Discovery Tool is storage vendor agnostic and can work in a variety of environments.   Use Data Discovery Tool to inventory your file servers by visualizing the types of files and the mix of active versus infrequently accessed data they contain.

Data Discovery Tool allows you to:

  • Visualize your file storage profile
  • Create reports that include the number of files and the amount of storage they consume according to file type and the date they were last accessed
  • Generate and maintain reports for multiple file servers concurrently
  • Create updated reports for each file server for comparison over time
  • Download your reports
  • Scan your servers safely. Data Discovery Tool indexes your data without modifying it

Data Discovery Tool provides the insight you need to develop a file storage strategy that addresses exponential data growth by tiering out infrequently accessed (“cold”) data. Leonovus Smart Filer enables transparent tiering of infrequently accessed (“cold”) data to cheaper cloud or secondary storage.


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