Peerless data storage compliance

With regulations like Europe’s GDPR carrying penalties starting at €10 million, you can’t afford to be non-compliant. But with petabyte-scale data, thousands of endpoints and the need for open collaboration with partners and suppliers, how can you be sure your data conforms?

Whether your data is subject to HIPAA, PCI, CJIS or another regulatory regime, Leonovus Vault makes data governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) easy while preventing the kinds of data losses that destroy reputations and damage bottom lines.

End-to-end visibility to ensure data storage compliance

Our single dashboard lets your IT team see where every bit of your data is stored — on premises, in the cloud and even across multiple clouds.

Complete control of your data storage environment

Ensure regulatory compliance by setting policies and rules for everything from access to data sovereignty, with full control over all users, services and devices. Flexible data movement with classification lets you automate multi-cloud storage for maximum efficiency.

An unbreakable chain of evidence of your stored data

Our tracking and logging hardened security gives you an auditable chain of evidence for your data, from creation to cold storage archiving. Extensive reporting ensures you meet all internal governance and compliance requirements.