Leonovus software-defined object storage

Our unique enterprise data storage solution decouples and pulls all your data into a secure overlay plane that spans your entire infrastructure. All data is encrypted in flight and at rest. Bulk and archived data are ‘shredded’ into discrete, encrypted objects that are distributed across a mix of on-premises, cloud and multi-cloud storage — tagged, classified and blockchain-secured for an immutable chain of evidence.

How Leonovus works

Whitepaper: Solving the enterprise data storage problem

We will encrypt your data, shred your data, and spread your data

Six-9s data durability with business continuity to match

Even if your network is breached, hackers can’t use the data they access. Leonovus’ patented algorithms to break archived data into individual software objects for storage — usually 25 objects, though this can be calibrated to your security requirements. Those objects are distributed across multiple storage nodes: even if one node is compromised, it does not contain the complete object set, rendering it unusable by attackers. Only your authorized users can reconstitute files, needing just a proportion of the total object set — e.g., 16 of 25 if that’s your configuration. This 25/16 algorithm delivers six-9s (99.9999%) of data recovery probability and business continuity.

Data storage that is cloud and platform agnostic

Leonovus runs on any storage platform – even bare metal. Our standards-based technology ensures integration with the full range of cloud storage solutions including Amazon AWS S3, Amazon Glacier, and Oracle as well as data management solutions like Commvault and Cloudberry, and software-defined object storage protocols such as Open Stack Swift.

Software-defined object storage that is easy to deploy, simple to scale

Leonovus 3.0 requires no additional hardware investment from you and deploys in just 30 minutes. Its scalability is limitless — into the petabyte range and beyond. Storage efficiency increases over time, so as your data volumes grow so does your storage ROI.

Your data is always available

Business continuity is assured with Leonovus 3.0, even during planned and unplanned downtime and while moving or consolidating entire data centers. This is because you don’t need the full set of data objects to reconstitute a whole “shredded” file. If a storage node is offline or a piece of equipment fails, the system can still “fill in the blanks” to regenerate the data you need, with no delay.

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