Secure blockchain managed file transfer

Optimized enterprise data storage and protection


Can you securely provide a managed file transfer system that maintains confidentiality, integrity, and availability while controlling costs?

  • Can you do full tracking that includes proof of delivery and receipt?
  • Can you securely distribute files based on geolocation and localized rule sets?
  • Can you confirm deletion upon completion?
  • Can you trigger distribution and notification based on events?
  • Can you utilize a single solution for transfer via any access protocols?
  • Can you minimize business and regulatory risk of sensitive data?


Leonovus 3.0: Ultra-secure, decentralized, blockchain-hardened software-defined object storage

File transfers can be easily compliant, monitored and secured

File transfer systems offer a basic mechanism for getting files from one location to another location. Security can be layered in order to protect confidentiality and integrity of the transferred files. Technologies like encryption can be utilized to prevent eavesdroppers from accessing, reading or changing the files in transit. Managed file transfer systems add a wide variety of management, auditing, automation, security and reliability features to secure file transfers. Leonovus has developed our product with security at its core. So as we moved forward with our ability to provide secure file transfer we needed to make sure that beyond Security we were adding elements of control, auditability, and automation. Files are maintained in a predictable manner, your data is delivered securely with Encryption at rest and in flight, and you know who has opened the file and when as our product provides the traceability you need to know to be compliant Companies that exchange files between customers, partners, between data centers. Should consider our secure file transfer solution.

How Leonovus solves secure file transfer challenges

We have capabilities to easily transfer files that are blockchain enhanced and encrypted, geo-located capable, compliant and auditable. We also enable by default our patented data shredding technique to securely divide your data into encrypted nuggets that can be distrusted based on your security and business needs, which then allows for auditable file reconstitution. Leonovus 3.0’s unique architecture allows you to manage all aspects of the managed file transfer – building transfer swim lanes, external/internal access zones, protocol access, event and request based distribution, full event tracking, secure deletion while maintaining full on-going governance and oversight.

Beyond managed file transfer (MFT)

We can handle more than just archiving, Corporate data is more secure and compliant in Leonovus 3.0’s distributed, hybrid/multi-cloud data storage architecture than in standard on-premises storage alone. Our solution enables maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness by being hardware- and software-agnostic — allowing organizations with even the most sensitive data to use commodity storage hardware, idle storage resources and multiple clouds in full assurance of compliance and security. This is due to the combination of our unique, patented algorithms and blockchain-hardened storage technology.

Encrypt, Shred, Spread - solving enterprise data solution problem

Flexible, secure managed file transfer for your business

  • Easily transfer files securely using both encryption and private blockchain technologies
  • Maintain managed control over all aspects of the managed file transfer process
  • Setup “swim lanes” and external/internal access zones, protocol access, event and request based distribution with full event tracking
  • Simple management of this process requires no specialized or additional IT skill sets
  • Ensure complete governance and oversight is maintained throughout

How it works

Leonovus 3.0 supports on-premises (Private Clouds), hybrid cloud and multi-cloud data storage, with all architectures meeting the security and compliance policies. This lets you securely use existing and low-cost resources for unstructured data.

With Leonovus 3.0, you can:

  • Easily identify and quantify idle storage assets across the organization to optimize usage and reduce costs
  • Add commodity storage hardware to your current internal storage infrastructure
  • Create a secure, virtualized storage cloud by aggregating the storage available at each detachment
  • Use multiple concurrent public cloud providers (AWS/Azure/Oracle/Google/Microsoft), fully secured with Leonovus technology
  • Use geo-location to distribute uploads and downloads to the closest resources.

Other use cases

Leonovus 3.0 is suited to any organization with large volumes of video data to store including:

Optimized video storage

Data backup

Data archiving 

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