Infrastructure agnostic


Leonovus 3.0 gives enterprises the flexibility to future-proof their current data by decoupling from the underlying infrastructure and building in capabilities to utilize future technologies. This includes the ability to move to or from current and future cloud providers. You are no longer held hostage to an underlying infrastructures capabilities or lack of them.

Ideal for

  • Customized entrenched infrastructure
  • Mixed IT vendor lock-ins
  • Non-competitive infrastructures
  • Confusing mixed siloed services
  • “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix” solutions
  • Lacking standardized toolchains and services

Key features

  • Military grade data security in transit and while at-rest at all locations
  • Software-defined object storage providing petabyte-scale data management with the cost and resource efficiency of multi-cloud storage and intractable blockchain-hardened protection
  • Ability to standardize on costs associated with policy design, deployment, and enforcement across on-prem, hybrid or multi-cloud environments
  • Ability to sensitive data to use commodity storage hardware, idle storage resources, and multi-cloud in full assurance of compliance and security without any vendor lock-in
  • Business continuity is assured by a self-healing function that is architected into the core of Leonovus 3.0
  • Deduplication and modified Reed-Solomon coding bring further cost efficiencies by minimizing overall volume of data you have to store, supported by policy-based classification